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    Take a look in the mirror, and try to get on with your night.

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    "Goat Simulator" spinoff announced.

    what is the heck is this. i’m not sure what this is spoofing but i’d play this.

    there’s a dating sim for pigeons and there’s a dating sm for alpacas - it’s about damn time there was one for goats


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    in the pink - Wagyan Paradise (Namco - Super Famicom - 1994) 


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    so i think its been long enough where i can upload the pages of TREASURE HOLE, the short comic i did for the amazing collection RRUFFURR

    i created these pups as part of a PUPQUEST art meme that batongmalaque created, but i fell in love with the designs and knew i wanted to do something with them, and my wonderful roomies and amazing artists trumpetsharkcomics and ianjay gave me that opportunity! 

    this was a lot of fun to do and is probably one of my favorite short stories i’ve ever done, and i hope it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to draw.

    and hey! please check out the other entries on RRUFFURR!! everyone’s submissions are tight as hell and you can either read them online or grab a handy dandy pdf as per a pay what you want donation!!!



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